Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeepney Press January-February 2010 PAGE 16

Photo and text by Roger Agustin

2010 Starting Anew

I watched the movie “2012” a few weeks ago, and along with several other movies I watched in 2009, most of them foretell prophesies of a world coming to an end. While they were exaggerated to unbelievable proportions, there would always be a possibility that some of them are actually happening at a smaller and non-fictional scale but still destructive enough to cause us concern. While these movies entertain us with happy endings, I feel the main message doesn’t get through to us. That is, if we continue to abuse our environment, it will either try to reset itself on a destructive way or some alien beings will reset the whole earth for us. I believe the scary scenario were all fictional but were made to instill awareness about us humans being a part of the natural ecosystem. However, I also believe that nature does not give up easily by pulling the reset trigger when it can’t handle the damages we humans infuse into it, but rather, nature adapts to changes (even destructive changes) and persevere.

Our daily lives are not that different from what nature experiences. Day in and day out we are all exposed to constant changes and when we can’t manage to handle all the changes around us, we sometimes feel like pulling the reset trigger. (Personally, I don’t think that taking a ‘reset’ once in a while is a bad thing). 2010 will be another challenging year for all of us, and we will still face many changes. But look at the trees around you, rain or shine, they all stand still and persevere. I hope we learn from them and welcome and start 2010 with high hopes of a better year.

My best wishes for the New Year!

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