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Jeepney Press May-June 2010 issue page 7

SHITTE IRU? by Marty Manalastas-Timbol

ALAM NYO BA…na according to Symantec’s report on 2010 security trends, one in five online consumers is a victim of cyber crime. Marami ang mga naloloko ng mga online thieves lalo na when you give out your personal information then gagamitin nila ito for their own benefit. Kaya medyo mag-ingat when using your computer. Kadalasan kasi pag ginagamit or when surfing the web, the computer pops up deceitful messages of fear na ang computer mo ay infected, thus luring you to buy protection. Para mas sigurado, you can visit or check the following website:

Ang mga sumusunod ay mga paraan para ma safeguard ang intong identity sa emails, etc.

Create a strong alphanumeric combination of characters and numbers – password. Huwag gagamit ng isang character na madaling i-break or breach na passwords like for example: 123456 or 987654, or the like. Siguraduhin na ang mga security questions ay hindi common at hindi madaling sagutin. Kasi if a person wants to hack somebody’s Yahoo! or Gmail email account, hindi nila kailangan malaman ang password, kasi they simply go to the following URL: and answering two common security questions, madali na nila ma-access and inyong account. Magpalit ng inyong password at least once a month. Pag di ninyo ma-access ang inyong e-mail, immediately contact your bank to suspend your account o di kaya, suspend whatever important transactions you have in your email. Do not just click. Pag may natanggap kayong e-mail na parang similar from your e-mail provider na may sub-domain name (i.e., and requires you to update personal information, huwag na huwag sagutin at mag-isip muna to spam it. E-mail providers will never ask their users to update personal information when an account is used actively.

When shopping online, i-check ninyo yung site bago ibigay ang credit card details ninyo. I-check muna yung web site kung may Hypertext Transfer Protocol with secured socket layer (https) and the padlock symbol. Yung mga internet criminals can create similar web sites like the ones trusted by users. When accessing the Internet using a wireless network, secure the connection with a password. Kung accessing openly or for free, huwag i-allow sites to remember your password. Procure security software that can detect malicious attacks. Password encryption, anti-phising toolbars and regular updates should be added to antivirus protection and two-way firewall to better protect you from offenders. (Source: DTI Dataline)

ALAM NYO BA…na according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that the Philippine economy will strongly recover this year. IMF projected the Philippines gross domestic product (GDP) to expand 3.2% itong taon na ito kumpara sa last year’s 0.9% growth. Ang sabi pa ng IMF, “The recovery will likely be led by private consumption as confidence strengthens and remittances pick up further.”

ALAM NYO BA…na marami tayong mga successful Pinoys kahit saang bansa? Totoo po iyan na napakaraming Pinoys na very successful, either here in Japan, sa Amerika, sa Europe or in any part of the world. Isang example ay ang aking high school batch mate and a very good friend na si Dra. Maria Divina Soriano-Peralta. Pag kayo ay nasa Arizona, U.S.A, you will see her beautiful face displayed in bus exteriors and billboards sa dalawang cities of Phoenix buses with ads of John C. Lincoln Hospital. Yung buong bus ay wrapped with artwork using Vinette’s (her nickname) photo in one side and the other side by another doctor. Vinette says that she is very happy and honored that she was chosen as the face of the hospital, lalo na being a Filipino by birth. Siya ay laking Pampanga, graduated High School at Angeles City’s Holy Family Academy and a medical graduate at the University of Santo Tomas. She is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and a board member of John C. Lincoln Hospital. She was honored as Physician of the Year in 2007.

Despite all these achievements, she remains to be very humble and down to earth. Sana ganoon din sa ibang kababayan natin na kahit marami na kayong achievement o naging very successful at super rich na kayo, sana you should remain to be humble at huwag sanang maging mayabang and don’t forget to proudly say that you are a Filipino.

ALAM NYO BA…na ang Office of the Consular Affairs (OCA) ng Department of Foreign Affairs ay lumipat na sa Aseana Business Park, located at corner Bradco St. and Macapagal Avenue (near Mall of Asia). Alam nyo rin ba na ang applications of new and renewal of passports are now on an appointment basis. Please note po that this is only applicable for applicants who are in Manila. Kailangan na rin ng mga individual applicants to log in at or call (632)737-1000 para ma-assure kayo of the appointed day and time.

Para sa mga iba pang impormasyon, lalo na for emergency cases, puede rin kayong tumawag sa mga sumusunod na numero: 831-8971; 551-4437; 551-4402; 834-4424; 836-7760; 836-7748; 836-7750 or 834-4835. Yung iba pang mga impormasyon ay mababasa sa Kung kayo ay mag-renew o mag-apply ng pasaporte sa Pilipinas, below are the passport fees:
Regular processing-20 days-Php950.00
Express processing-10 days-Php1,200.00
Lost Passport (Additional fee)-Php 200.00

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, there is no need for a photo to be submitted as that will be taken by machines during the enrolment and data capturing process. At paalala lang po na dapat nasa OCA kayo at least thirty (30) minutes before your appointed time. Note too that there will be no processing without an appointment schedule.
(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs)


KITAKITZ by Elena Sakai

International Solidarity

April, 2010, a charity event “HALOHALO Link – 1 Step for the World” was held by AKAY YOUTH JAPAN, an NGO of young Japanese students that supports the East River Side in Manila. All profits of the event will be utilized for running an elementary education facility, Abakadang Kayumanggi Community Development Foundation (AKCDF).
The venue was filled with young Japanese who supported AKAY YOUTH JAPAN, and 3 artists were invited to perform. Each artist had a theme that linked to the theme of the event, love, life, living with difficulties. The main performer of the evening was Paul Galang, representative of AKCDF, and his son, Sole Galang.
Paul and Sole came from Manila to attend this event, and many other events held all over Japan to spread his message to young Japanese people. Paul told the crowd the meaning of the 6 songs before he performed that night.
Haranain Ang Mundo (Serenade of the World): Serenade for justice and hope -- to thank those who supported the Filipino youth.
Heiwa na Sekai (Mapayapang Daidig): A beautiful waltz, like a lullaby that was half sung in Japanese. It was a song that prays for a rich world without poverty, with understanding, and peace for children.
Reflections: A song about street children, Filipinos fighting for poverty and overseas Filipino Workers fighting for social justice.
Kumusta: In 1990, Paul himself became an OFW in Europe. This song was written for his children and his wife. A song for workers who have to leave their loved ones home. This was sung in Tagalog and Japanese.
Bow and Arrow: This is about victims of Ministerial Violence. When people complain about poverty, the government sends a very violent way of hiding the truth. This is a song for struggle against global capitalization.
The Mission: In 1988, Mommy Galang founded AKCDF with the slogan, “Every child is my child,” to help children living in Malabon Riverside.

AKCDF is an institution that supports education and the nurturing of 225 children, most of which who live in the slums, before entering elementary school. The AKCDF educate, feed them nutritious food and provide religious guidance for free or for a very low rate. Paul Galang and his family take after Mommy Galang’s will to support the lives of small children, and also the social rights and vocational rights of those living in the slum areas.

Paul’s new album, “The Mission” sold to support the 225 children of AKCDF, for their scholarship project and their vocational rights. In the end, Paul highly raised his right hand, and sent out the message, “International Solidarity, and world peace to all”.

Paul says, “Many Filipinos are victims of poverty and material society, while Japanese suffer from human confidence. If we work together and share, we can uplift the power and become a better world”.

After returning to Manila, he will hold a session in October with his friend musicians, such as Freddie Aguilar, to deliver live music to children in the riverside area.



Sampung Sagot
Paano ko kaya maipapakitang PROUD
ako bilang PINOY dito sa Japan?

1. Pinahahalagahan ko ang pagdarasal, takot sa Diyos at pagpunta sa simbahan.

2. Nilalabanan ko ang gulangan.

3. Pinapakita kong kaya kong pantayan o daigin pa ang level ng mga Hapon sa larangan ng aking trabaho at kaalaman.

4. Binabalanse ko ang oras ko para hindi ako puro trabaho at hindi rin puro pasarap.

5. “Tao ako. Hindi ako makina.” Malakas ang loob kong sabihin at ipakita ito.

6. Flexible ako. Hindi ako nakapako sa pag-iisip na, “Eh Pinoy ako eh, hindi naman ako Hapon.”

7. Kaya kong matuto ng salita ng ibang bansa at sinisikap kong mag-improve pa sa language na iyon.

8. Seryoso ako sa trabaho ko pero hindi ako mukhang pera.

9. May hiya ako. Mahalaga sa akin ang tao at hindi ko sila gagamitin.

10. Hinahanap ko ang pagkakataong maging praktikal pero hindi maging switik sa iba.

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