Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jeepney Press July-August Issue Page 3

By Elena Sakai

Major Convenience Store’s New Dessert Line, Inspired by Filipino Delight

Mini Stop, a major convenience store chain in Japan, famous for its halo-halo, will be selling a new line of dessert packages using Filipino fruits. The tasting of the new product line was done at the Philippine Embassy on June 18 by members of the Philippine Department of Tourism and Embassy members. There was also a surprise visit by former President Ramos, which Mini Stop presented the new sweets to.

The “hit maker,” Ms. Harumi Onodera (dessert and drinks product development manager of Mini Stop) came to know the Philippines during the summer golden pineapple halo-halo campaign that Mini-Stop did with the Philippine Department of Tourism had in 2009. Ms. Onodera says that the Filipino “pelican” mango has a different flavor from that of the most frequently used alfonso mango from India. The pelican mango has a refreshing tartness and fruitiness, which is turned into a mango puree to make a delicious “Pelican Mango Pudding.” The mango is also used in the “Tropical Fruits Parfait,” which you can taste fresh mango, pineapple and nata de coco (all from the Philippines!), with a layer of grapefruit jelly in the bottom to make the creamy parfait so light and appetizing even in a hot summer day.

There is also the “mix fruits and mild pudding,” which was inspired by the favorite Filipino sweets, buko pandan. Instead of using coconut milk, this beautiful piece is made of milk pudding with a tad of coconut flavor that contains tropical fruits, and melon jelly instead of pandan.

The most popular dessert at the tasting was the “caramel banana.” On top of a light caramel cake, there are fresh Filipino bananas covered in caramel sauce, accompanied by whip cream. This was well received even by President Ramos, which he finished during the dinner that day.

These desserts will be sold along with many other sweets using tropical fruits, from July 20 until mid-August. There will also be a raffle campaign with fun prizes during the selling period. Stop by at your nearest Mini Stop this summer to take home the new dessert line, and get a new “flavor” of the Philippines.

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