Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jeepney Press 2011 March-April Issue Page 22

By Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa

First Cut
How are all our Jeepney Press readers? ‘Hope you did not catch a cold nor that terrible influenza.

Second Cut
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Did you do it the Japanese way or “our” traditional way? Whichever, I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your special someone or your family.

Third Cut
Before we know it, spring will come – then Golden Week… What are your plans? Going home for the holidays?

Fourth Cut
Now, let me ask you, where is “home” for you? Most of us have been living here in Japan for years, right? Some of us like it here, and some just to have to be here. What is it for you?

Fifth Cut
Why are you here in Japan? Are you happy here in Japan?

Sixth Cut
Personally, I love being here in Japan. I came here to study the language and am living here longer than I expected. But I am very happy with my life here because I love my work and, of course, my husband is Japanese.

Seventh Cut
I just hope that everyone is happy here. After all, your happiness depends on you. It is your attitude in life – how you deal with circumstances, how you carry yourself – and how you interact with the people around you.

Eighth Cut
Your happiness has nothing to do with whether you fit in a certain culture or their traditions or can blend with the people, everything again- depends on you…and your choices.

One more important factor if not the most important – is how you talk to your “God.” Your relationship with God will make the difference in your life.

IF in anyway, you do not like it here in Japan or wherever you are, the only solution for your happiness is maybe to go home to the Philippines. It is just a suggestion, ok?

Feel good with everything and everyone around us.

God Bless – Mama Mary loves us !


March-April FORECAST
by Madam Marivic Oyama

Romance luck is very powerful this month. To those who are engaged, your relationship will go up to the next level. This is the best month to make a proposal or to get married. Give yourself a chance to build a new friendship that will become important to you in the future. In April, you need to be more patient and try to control your temper. Pag-ingatan din ang mga bibitawang salita. You need to be diplomatic. Umiwas sa gulo at huwag makipag argumento.

This is the most dangerous month for the Rabbit. The five yellow star is attached in your location. This brings double bad luck and you are having a whole load of bad karma. Kaya mag-ingat at maging alerto! Huwag hayaan na mailagay ang sarili sa delikadong sitwasyon. In April, hindi man naging maganda ang nakaraang buwan, this month will get you support from your trusted friends. Your relationship with your colleague is getting better.

The annual illness star joins you this month. You are weaker than usual. Madali kang dapuan ng sakit. Iwasan ang mga delikadong sports. Overseas travel also not advisable. You get tired easily kaya huwag masyado pagurin ang sarili. Take plenty of rest. April is a good month for you and if you want to go up to the next level, "Confidence is your secret weapon." Invite your friends who will give you support and encouragement. Don't let anyone distract your new ideas.

This month brings you good opportunities. If your attitude is right, you need to be ready for the challenges coming your way. You will be more work-oriented so be more positive. Your financial capability becomes comfortable but do not overspend. In April, you will be moody, irritable and stressed. Huwag makinig sa opinion ng iba dahil ito ay magdadala sayo ng emotional depression. Just believe and have faith to your own senses and abilities. Hindi man ma-appreciate ng iba ang ginagawa mo, don't feel sorry for yourself. Hindi mo kailangan ipakita sa kanila kung ano ang kaya mo.

The double victory star is now in your month; your personal energy is also strong. Whatever sets in your mind, it will easily capture the success. New opportunities will come and this will start to enjoy your luck. April is the exciting month for you. With the completion luck on your side, may mga projects na magiging successful after the end of this month. Accept invitation in any events or parties and just enjoy the good life has to offer.

This is your conflict month kung saan hindi sang-ayon sa iyo ang mga tao. Beware and watch your temper and you don't need to be overly vocal. Just keep to yourself what you feel. Avoid nagging and getting into trouble situations. This is a good time to go on a solo vacation. In April, madali kang makaramdam ng pagod at panghihina. You think that even you are strong to viruses and illness at the end para ka ding kandilang nauupos. Don't be workaholic. Take a rest.

You have the luck for love and financial this month, career is also good because some of your allies are wishing for your success and there is a helping hand whenever you need, there is a lot of opportunities and you will be getting busy but don't forget to enjoy and unwind yourself. In April, you need to lay low and be patient this month. You will face some misfortune like betrayal, loss or even your health will be affected. Control your anger and stay cool.

This is one of the most excellent month for you, the #8 auspicious star appear in your chart, not once but twice. This will bring you wealth, happiness and good health. You will achieve and accomplish any projects that you are dealing with. You can show to the world and impress the others what you can do. In April, be careful not to trust so much. Some people you trusted will bring you down. Avoid taking risks when it comes to business. It's not a good idea to enter into new contracts.

This is a great month to set some plans, but make sure you have a good team work to do this. If you do everything by yourself, you will lose your control and worst, this will lead you to be exhausted and make you sick in bed. In April, this month brings you prosperity and wealth luck. You will expect some help from your friends and supporters. Watch out the good opportunities coming your way.

The difficulties and some minor problems last month will turn into a better situation. Relation to others will improve. You can find a new relationship that will get closer to you in the future. In April, you better stay quiet and lie low this month because the #5 yellow misfortune flies in your direction. Avoid gambling and taking risks. You will face some misfortune but you will cope up as long as you know how to protect yourself and be well prepared.

You have the double luck and a fabulous month. This is also a good chance to change, so be prepared because it will transform you in an auspicious, positive and beneficial life. You are doing well in a competitive situation and you will find yourself in victory and success. This month of April will continue to bring you wealth and income luck. There is also a lot of passion to be had. In some moments you will find yourself worrying in small things. Study the situation and you will realize that there is nothing to worry after all.

You have all the superb luck coming in all your direction and you don't know what to do with it! Take some risk and grab all the good opportunities. Just make sure that you won't get involved in bad situation with an evil intention. In April, try not to trust anyone. Be careful to those who are closer to you. You will find yourself that you've been cheated or being doubled crossed by your friends.

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