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Jeepney Press 2011 September-October Issue page 17

Doc Gino’s Pisngi Ng Langit

Panunuyo ng Pwerta
(Vaginal dryness)

I'm already in my late 40's, single, menopause for the past 4 years. Whenever I make love with my current boyfriend, it really hurts and I feel dry. My old friend told me that there could be no secretion inside. What could be the remedy? Is there a supplement that I can take or do I have to resort to injection. I tried putting ez gel but it won’t work. Where can I consult and buy? I'm so desperate.

Doc Gino (DG):
Menopausal women experience vaginal dryness due to lack of estrogen--a kind of female hormone--in their body. Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective solution to this problem. Because HRT is not without complications, a thorough gynecologic evaluation is essential. I suggest that you seek medical consult to a doctor who
specializes in this field.


PEDESTRIAN LANE by Mylene Miyata
A Summer Affair Confession...

It's autumn. But let me share a summer affair with you. Mga bagay na masarap gunitain anumang season ng taon.

Summer oh summer!
There are some people na ayaw na ayaw ang summer. Hotness and everything really turns out most of us. For some reason, naiintindihan natin ang mga bagay na ito.

Nagmamantika kapag nasilayan ang araw. Ang iba naman ay ayaw mawalan ng bisa si glutathione na pagkamahal mahal nga naman.

Pero, come to think of it, kapag summer, we are given the joy to experience the following:

1. Fruits and vegetables: Ilan kaya sa ating mga kababayan ang sobrang saya kapag merong pakwan sa gitna ng tag-init? Sarap non! Gaano kaya kabuti sa kalusugan ang kumain ng ampalaya na sa tuwing tag-init lamang natin nabibili ng mura sa pamilihan dito sa Japan? Ang mga naglipanang mamula-mulang kamatis na tiyak magbibigay ningning sa ating kalusugan? Here, there and everywhere po ang mga ito, di ba?

2. Detox: Sauna? Love siguro ng karamihan sa atin ito. Our editor in chief, Mr. Dennis Sun in particular. We have to admit na kapag nandito tayo sa Japan, limitado lang ang chances nating makapagpawis. Madalas malamig. Bihira tayong natural na pagpawisan sa loob ng isang taon. Kaya naman kinakailangan pa nating sumugod sa mga lugar na merong sauna para lang maglabas ng toxic ng katawan. Pero kapag summer! Ayun! Halos parang sauna na din, libreng magmantika ang lahat at "no cost" pa po. Lalo na ngayon na kinakailangan nating mag-save ng energy. Big check ito para sa ating kalusugan needs.

3. Socialization: Aba! Tuwing summer, ang uri ng social gatherings dito ay "priceless". Kasing init din ng panahon ang damdamin ng halos karamihan kapag nasa isang salu-salo. Talaga namang gumagawa ng ingay ang tao ng walang pag-iimbot habang nag-iinuman at nanonood ng hanabi kasama ang mga mahal nila sa buhay. Maririnig natin silang nag-eexpress ng happy feelings nila ayon sa nakikita at nararamdaman sa mga ganoong pagkakataon, di po ba?

4. Quenching Beverages: During this time of the year, kakaiba talaga ang impact ng iba't ibang inumin sa merkado. Makukulay, masasarap at healthy din! Sa dami ng choices, talaga nga namang malilito tayo. Gusto nating inumin lahat. Kung susuriin, we are given the opportunity to benefit a lot from it. Japanese are known to be health conscious in general. Kaya naman pati beer natin dito halimbawa, kung hindi non-alcohol ay zero calorie ang katapat ng beer-lovers na nagmo-monitor ng weight nila, di ba? For the ladies, nandiyan naman ang vitamin or collagen concentrated drinks pampatid uhaw at pandagdag ganda points in one!

5. Cleansing: Be it physical or what. Hotness brings the privilege for all of us to cleanse in one way or another. Thank goodness for summer. Kailangan lang siguro nating i-discover what aspect would need some cleansing for us. After all, para sa sarili din naman po nating kapakanan ang bawat choice na piliin natin.

And now it's about time to make the autumn memories. What kind of autumn affair would you make? Realize that it is not how much we like doing something that matters all the time. Minsan, it is how much we actually enjoy each moment that we will be blessed with that counts more.


Short-Cuts By Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa

First Cut

I have been racking my brains out thinking of what to write during this very warm day. First of all, let me greet everyone out there - Kamusta na Kabayan? Kahit mainit dito sa Japan, I hope you are all surviving the hot and humid summer despite the “energy conservation program” going on. But if you come to think about it, we had lots of rain this summer. A big blessing!

By the time you read this, it will be September, and hopefully cooler, diba?

Second Cut

My sincerest “Congratulations” go to the successful launching of CoFFET, the new group of English Teachers in Japan, that acronym stands for, Community of Friendly Filipino English Teachers in Japan.

Last August 6, 2011, they had their launching event at the Kawasaki International Center. The event was very well attended by several English teachers coming from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, and even as far as Yamanashi prefecture. Once again, thank you to everyone who joined.

Third Cut

For those who know my column, I usually split the topics – per cut, thus the title “Short Cuts.” This time I have to write a bit longer.

Here goes:

Also as an English teacher in Japan, it is always a big welcome for other teacher’s group.

According to the Philippine Embassy, there is only one registered organization, and that is the Filipino English Teachers in Japan or FETJ.
CoFFET, is in the process of applying at the Embassy as of this time.

There may be other unknown Filipino Teachers groups here in Japan, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone if not all can register at the Cultural Section of the Philippine Embassy?

It is wonderful to know that there are many Filipino organizations spearheading get-togethers, seminars, and activities for teachers.

I have been living in Japan for the last 20 years and it has always been my dream for all Filipinos to be one in heart, mind, and in spirit.

Regardless of your affiliation, group or community, as professionals we should all be loving, caring, and remain supportive of each other.

For this article, I would like to address my co-teachers.
Be the best teacher that you can become.

We are all away from our homes, and we have been brought together in this country to serve. We have chosen this role to be teachers - to mold, to shape minds and hearts.

Keep on learning, be open to change and accept new techniques in the process of educating. Be a role model.

It is never an easy task but if we empower one another, encourage and stimulate one another to do one’s best then we can be a community that is a center of joy, comfort and inspiration to many.

In union there is strength. Even amidst seemingly problems and diversities in this, our journey through life, we are all Filipinos. Therefore, we must hold each other’s hand as we move on.

We believe we can reach our destinies beyond our dreams.
Let us all work for the future of the Filipino English Teacher in Japan.

Mabuhay tayong lahat ! Thank you.

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