Thursday, March 8, 2012


By: Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa

First Cut
How are our Jeepney Press readers doing? Are we ready for Spring?

Second Cut
Spring! New life… Fresh beginnings for many who will start school… Start work… Start a family or anything for that matter. Here is wishing everyone the best of luck for that very first step. “Gambatte sa lahat”.

Third Cut
I had a chat with my mother today. Can you believe that she learned how to use the computer and “Skype” so as to be able “to talk with us” here in Japan?
For those who do not know my mom- she is the person who always thought that her best friend was her IBM typewriter. Thanks to modern communication - life has gotten much better for most of us, diba?

Fourth Cut
I was so happy already when both my parents learned how to use Skype. What surprised me next was both my mama and papa are on Facebook! While I was in Manila, they told me to set up their FB account and of course – again so that we can keep in touch and share photos and more. Okay, I was the one who made their FB accounts and I thought that was it. I thought it was just for them to check on us. But oh no, they both learned to navigate FB and now they comment on photos, post messages on the wall and also send private messages. Isn’t that pure and simple happiness having groovy parents, diba?

Fifth Cut
Classes are off for us ALT’s / English Teachers. Another school year has gone and I am delighted with a feeling of achievement. Congratulations to my friends in the same field of teaching. Congratulations to our Grade six students who have graduated. I hope they take with them what they learned from us ALT’s to Junior High School. Good luck to all our students who will start another phase in their lives.

Sixth Cut
The Bourne Legacy series did their filming in the Philippines. Jun Juban, my friend from the Philippine Film Studios, was the Philippine counterpart and producer. I am so happy to hear that everything went well. My brother Ari, was part of the sound department. Hollywood debut for my younger brother – this makes me proud of him, looking forward to reading the end credits. Had I been in the Philippines, am sure I would have worked with the team, right Jun?

Seventh Cut
Life is good for everyone. I am happy for my family, my friends, my students and most of all for YOU. Yes, YOU reading this? Why? Simply because reading this means – that you are alive. Feel good with everything and everyone around us.

God Bless. Mama Mary loves us !

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