Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dr. JB & Nelly Alinsod

Prayer for a Blessed 2 0 1 3
by Dr. JB & Nelly Alinsod

Lord God Almighty, we receive the New Year as a gift from you. The old has gone and a new life is in front of us this year. We believe that there are new opportunities, guidance, blessings and favor to make our life better this year.

It is our desire that this year will end according to your plan and purpose. So, we confess our need for your presence and guidance as we venture into this year. Help us to live our days purposely that we may present to you a wise heart. We need your mercy in our times and seasons that we may rejoice and be fulfilled.

You alone, O God, know what this year holds for us. We have our goals, plans and expectations but the challenges before us are beyond our control. Please equip us with your power and grace to meet each day as you planned it to be. Help us to humbly entrust everything into your loving hands and to seek your will more than our desires.

Gracious Father, in life’s uncertainties, let your unchanging love casts out all our fears and gives us stability. In the face of heartaches and miseries, may your comfort be our refuge. When temptations besiege us, help us to surrender our stubborn desires to your will and help us to bravely pay the price of the life that is pleasing in your sight. In our pursuits for a better life, open our eyes to the deprived, the hurting and the lonely in this world so we may respond with compassion to meet their needs.

Lord, we pray for our nation. May peace, justice and prosperity cover all our land. Help us to build national harmony, quietness and happiness. May equality and fairness saturate all levels of our society, as we become responsible citizens. Unite us to pray for the good of our country and remind us always that a nation is blessed when God is the Lord [Psalm 33:12].

As we begin our journey into this New Year, we are thankful for all the goodness you gave us in the past year. Permit your mercy to lead us to repentance and your goodness to humility. May your love and concern for us be our anchor of hope as we commit ourselves to make you the focus of our life and aspirations for this year! We will travel this year with faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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