Friday, July 18, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico

Trying Times

July - August 2014

Slowly as I doze myself to sleep
My mind at rest, my eyes are wet
Many things I need to do the next day
I am sure the Lord listens when I pray.

So I pray and talk to the Lord
Deep in my heart, true to each word
That He may always look upon my son
To guard and guide with His healing hand.

I try to wake up each day feeling fresh and renewed
With enough strength and confidence to face the world
In my darkest hour, I can feel He is near
With full trust in Him, why would I fear.

There is really no guarantee of days without pain
Laughter without sorrow and sunshine without rain
Never alone in my thoughts, I'd whisper in the wind
My unconditional love for my son will forever stay within.

Now I can see my son is slowly recovering
His vital signs are gradually improving
Good signs of answered prayers I must say
Feeling grateful as I look forward to each day.

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