Friday, September 26, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico


Sept - Oct 2015

I went to bed hungry one evening
Too tired and weary, not amazing
My empty stomach is yearning to be filled up
But my body and mind just seemed to drop.

With the lights on I snored lazily
After a few moments of watching tv
Then some kind of interesting figures
started to creep
Into my sight while I was in deep sleep.

I saw lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes
Followed by spare ribs, crabs and embotidos
The bowl of mushroom soup
was gaily dancing
With the cup of green tea so hot and steaming.

I also caught the smell of grilled fish
My favorite and always a centerpiece
Sided with an assortment of fresh seaweeds
Watering to the mouth, I never want to miss.

Somewhere in one corner,
I heard some clicking
The glass of wine was glowing and sparkling
I paused for a while and listened carefully
The bowl of cold fruit salad
was waiting patiently.

So these foods paraded before my eyes
They were here and gone, not really nice
A dream I wish I can have and see
Only if I do something
when I wake up the next day.

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