Friday, September 26, 2014

Sally Takashima


Sept - Oct 2015

The weather has finally cleared up. Images of the ravages of Typhoon #11 are flashed constantly on TV. There are extensive damages, people injured, lives lost, houses destroyed, properties washed away by strong river currents. Que horror. Que lastima. Salamat at ligtas tayo sa ating kinalalagyan. 

It is mid summer now and frequent daily showers offers respite to Japan's dry summer. Paano kaya pag Summer Olympic na? Surely, the outdoor sports athletes have to contend with the extreme high temperature while maxing their performance or will they be able to. 

It has been suggested that the venue be moved to Fukushima instead. OMG, isn't the safety of this area still questionable? Let' hope the Olympic Planning Committee will be endowed with good judgment for the success of this big event.

This summer, my fabric of choice is definitely and only cotton. Even with night wear because preferably white, un-dyed or organic cotton can do wonders to your health and comfort.

I have along thrown clothes with polyester and yucky rayon out of the window. Well, except for a few items. 

Well anyway, como esta na po kayong lahat mga avid Jeepney Press readers? Hindi po ba magastos ang summer vacation lalo na yun may mga energetic children? Hindi maaaring hindi lumabas ng bahay upang maging makabuluhan ang 2014 Natsu Yasumi. Ano nga ba ang masasabi na isang makabuluhang summer vacation? Kaila-ngan ba sun tanned ka para maipakita sa ibang tao na hindi ka lang tumigil ng bahay instead trendy ka at you visited the spots where your contemporaries are expected to go?

May ilan din akong kilalang mga Pilipina na masayang umaani ng mga tanim nilang gulay kagaya ng malunggay, patola, okra, kamatis at iba pa. Nagiging magandang tema ng usapan ang magkaroon ng organic veggie garden. At siempre pa the cooking and the sharing of the harvest with friends is what it makes it all worthwhile. Dito po naman sa Kansai ay marami din mga happenings and info sharing here and there. Fr. Mario Colina, Japan based for many years, and now staying in Cebu visited Osaka. He officiated a Sunday Mass in St. Mary's Cathedral in Tamatsukuri. Vice Consul Dax Imperial has left his Osaka posting at the Philippine Consulate, Kobe-Osaka to assumme his post at the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo. He will surely be missed by many Filipinos in Kansai.

The Philippine Community Coordinating Council is now in the midst of finalizing the much awaited annual Sports Festival. This is one of the main events of Kansai based Filipinos whose purpose is to renew and strengthen ties of various Philippinne Communities. This event will be held in Sep. 12th, Sunday in Higashi Yodogawa Sports Ground.

Meanwhile The Kyoto Pag-Asa Filipino is a usual busy with various civic, social and church related projects. One of which is the Tsunagaru Kai, a study group for children with foreign backgrounds, including returnees from abroad who are living in and around Kyoto. This is a study group which also offer socialization among children. The organizer of Tsunagari Kai is the Kyoto University of Education. Quite a number of Kyoto based Filipinas support this group as volunteers. Please contact Prof. Mari Hamada for more information.

Paalala lang po sa lahat. Para sa mga tao na may pagaari ng lumang passport. Minamabuti na mag-apply na kayo ng bagong E-passport bago ito mawalang bisa. Magmula sa October 15, 2015 Immigration Officers will only accept E-passport.

To one and all, enjoy what's left of summer 2014. Before you know it, autumn will be at your doorstep. The seasons move on. It’s the never ending waltz of the season.

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