Sunday, December 21, 2014

Neriza Saito

PCCC Sportsfest

Nov - Dec 2014

Under a clear blue sky, the much awaited  "6th Undokai" of the Philippine Community Coordinating Council was held on Oct. 12, 2014 at the  Higashi Yodogawa Kasen Sports Center in Osaka. 
After a short opening ceremony that included welcome remarks by Vice Chairperson (Socio-Cultural) Ms. Katrina Fujikawa, Oath of Sportsmanship by Mr. Marlon Mangila (Auditor), an inspirational message from Vice Consul Shirley Nuevo, the games started with a warm up exercise led by Bong Yamaguchi. 
Some of the games included basketball throwing, sack race, obstacle race, 3-legged race, Baton Relay, 100 meter dash and Tug of War, where members from participating communities like Amagasaki St. Paul Filipino Community, Sama-sama Community,  Suita San Lorenzo Ruiz Filipino Community, Samahan sa Kitano, Kyoto Pag-Asa Filipino Community, Nara Filipino Community,
Mikuni and Yodo-gawa Filipino Communities competed enthusiastically! Filipino Japanese children also had fun in the tug of war. 
Entertainment numbers were provided by Ms. Marian Chico, Eric Montre, Kyoto Pag-Asa group, TRRRN, Ms. Sheena Pengco, an Utawit winner from Kyoto and Mr. Olson Solon.
The PCCC Undokai is aimed at promoting physical fitness among the Filipinos in Kansai which was originally suggested by Ms. Mari Hashizuka. Mr. Marlon Mangila and Ms. Katrina Fujikawa are the main organizers of this project. Inspite of their busy work 
schedules, they were able to plan and coordinate this event with the assistance of Dedicated PCCC Officers and volunteers like Ms. Yoriko Hayashi, Ms. Malou Sato, Ms. Maritess Kita, Ms. Amy Ooi, Ms. Sally Takashima, Ms. Heidi Terada, Ms. Sally Yamamoto, Ms. Annabelle Sosogi, Ms. Luz Teranishi, Ms. Aya Hongo, Mr. Hongo, Ms. Ligaya Yamaguchi, Mr. Dan Vito Rene and Robert. 
With the support of the Philippine Consulate in Osaka and the other sponsors like Act, Tourist Inc., Metrobank Osaka, Asset Brains, Asia Yaosho, Century Properties, Bessie's Catering and Sonia's catering, the PCCC hopes to continue this worthwhile event every year.
Vice chairperson for Public Relations Ms. Amy Oii gave the closing remarks. PCCC Advisers Neriza Saito and Jun Silva emceed the first half of the program while energetic Beth Kahn emceed the rest of the program!

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