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Sally Takashima


Nov - Dec 2014

After a long hot, humid summer of frolicking in the sun, summer bows down to autumn with its mild weather, its awesome foliage of yellow, orange and red, its harvest of lovely persimmons and oranges. Autumn is a visit to a pumpkin patch, time for mikan gari and momiji gari (foliage viewing). Autumn is a prelude to a long harsh winter. If only Autumn can be here for a while.....

Every year, Koyo (foliage) moves southwest from the Northern island of Hokkaido to Central and Southern Japan towards the end of November. Maple is the undisputable King of Autumn colors. Even the kanji character for koyo is written with the same kanji as maple tree or momiji. 

Maple can be seen in the forest in the wild form. However, maple cultivation has produced trees for decoration with the most brillant autumn colors.

Other trees that contribute to the beautiful autumn are the gingko trees (icho) and the nanakanado (Japanese Rowan). So where are you going for your Momi gari? 

My 2 week trip to the Philippines was relaxing and I got, I think, a much needed rest. As long as you head back home by 3:30 pm- 4:00 pm you'll avoid the Monster gridlock. I got my VIPinoy members card exclusively for foreign based Filipinos at the Alabang Town Center after filling up a form, and submitting a xerox copy of my Alien Card. I paid 150 pesos and the card is good for 2 years and renewable.

This VIPinoy card is also available in Glorietta. The card like the Visa/Master card, entitles the member to the use of the Members Lounge, Internet and telephone, all the coffee that you can drink, newspapers and magazines.

On the plane, I had 3 seats to myself, just plain luck, I guess.

Yes, Christmas songs are already being played on the radios. Finally, I brought home the Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar that I wanted and the Philippine natural salt that is more superior to iodized salt because it dissolves easily in the body and does not turn to kidney stones. 

The talk of the town is the Alaga Diagnostic tests for Senior Citizens at the Alviar Clinic in Paranaque. It is thorough and cheap. We saw Rurouni Kenshin with subtitles in Alabang Town Center. We continue to patronize TAI taxi (Manila) for pickup from home to the airport.

And now some news from Kansai. The annual Sports Fest 2014 of the PCCC was successfully held inspite of typhoon threats. The most awaited event was held in Yodogawa Kasen Park in Oct.12th with Mam Shirley Nuevo as special guest from the Philippine Consulate General, Kobe-Osaka. The event wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and help of many people like Katrina Fujikawa, Marlon Mangila, Amy Ooi, Gelvacio Silva. Neriza Sarmiento, Malou Sato, Bong Yamaguchi, etc. Also our thanks to Liza Javier, Olson Solon, Eric Montre and Bernadette Okuno and her dancing members of Kyoto Pag-asa Filipino Community

The Kyoto Regional Utawit Singing Competition was held under the stewardship of Mother Earth Connection in Wings, Kyoto. The winners were Ellen Joy Garcia (3rd place), Cheryl Esmeralda (2nd place), 
and Karen Gay Garcia Sakamoto (1st place). Again, congratulations to all of you. Karen will vie for the Grand Finals to be held in Nov.16th, 2014 in Shibuya Cultural Center Owada-Sakura Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo.

The Franciscan Sisters (SFIC) celebrated their 25th year aniversary of ministering in Kyoto, Kusatsu, Hikone and Nagahama with a party after a mass in Kyoto Cathedral.

The Annual Recollection of the Kyoto Core Group was held in Sept. at the Maryknoll Retreat House in Karasaki, Otsu City.  Last but not least, thank you to the Okayama Philippine Community for joining us at the Sports Fest. To all avid Jeepney Press readers, a Merry Christmas and Prospero Anyo y Felicidad. Take care all of you. See you in 2015.

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