Friday, November 11, 2011

Jeepney Press 2011 November-December Issue Page 24

by Stephanie Jones Jallorina

People and Places

Two of the most interesting and complex of topics are people and places, people at certain places and places with people from different walks of life. These are two of my favorite subjects to write about. I will always be in awe how to meet and know how beautiful God created one person, and unique from others. In the same way, I will always be amazed at how wonderful God painted each place, a haven for each soul. By "beautiful" to a person I meant that beauty is beyond one's physical attributes. By "wonderful" to a place I meant that immovable as it is, the wonder never wane.

For more than three years, I’ve grown to love so many people here in Japan. I, too, have grown to love the place itself that there in fact was a time when I thought of not going back. Here, the people we meet at church, in an event, across the street, at the embassy, at Immigration are mostly the same kind of people we grew up with back in the Philippines hence familiarity bridges the gap so easily. Besides the fact that we are hospitable and warm peoply by nature, we too without much difficulty can adapt to our working environment, and with our temporary relocation and condition. Hence, we can overcome homesickness almost unnoticed. Consequently, we build extended familial relationships over time that comes difficult to miss when goodbyes have to be said. This may generally apply to all OFW in any part of the world. Sabi nga nila, saang lupalop man ng mundo may Pilipino.

But it is also an undeniable trend that people on a "temporary" assignment come and leave places with no strings attached for commitment imposes time, resources and effort. Understandably, it is more convenient to remain uninvolve in any group and in any community no one has to dictate that you have to belong in something at their time, or at their “whims;” for you own your own person. It is safer to be at a place you'll come in and out whenever and however you please. So, imagine a world that each mind its own. It is no Filipino culture is not it? A Filipino is a family-knit. A Filipino is a nation. Japanese may have influenced an all day, all work habit but a Filipino always has a home to go to, a friend in times of need, and joy.

Just imagine how diverse we are as Filipino, a mixture of races from our ancestors. We have different traits, speak different dialects, and raised through different culture and traditions and we are Philippines here in Japan. Just imagine how people become a place. We are our country here in Japan. When we engage with other people, we do not only represent ourself, we represent our country. Hence, when we do good, or bad, our actions affect our country.

Filipino people as we are will only change, for the better, in similar way that there is still hope for our country. We are a beautiful nation, of rare race to pride on. We have won the Miss Universe crown not only once but twice. We have box out so many other countries through sport particularly Manny Pacquiao.

People, our thoughts, our imagination, our creation are all inspired by how beautiful we are created by our Father. The places we have been to are nurtured because of us, just like how we have been cared of and loved by our Father. This just sounds so good if we are not challenge with our current state. But wherever points we are at our lives now and no matter how worse our conditions may seem everyday, we should think that trials are not there to punish us but are God’s mysterious ways to manifest His love. We continue to love everyday and spread that love everywhere.


by Anita Sasaki

Ang ibabahagi ko po sa inyo ngayon ay ang madalas kong marinig sa aking ina (dahil ang aming ama ay maagang namayapa na kaya sa aming ina kami nabusog nang mga pangaral. Gaya nang - “Lagi lang kayong magpakumbaba at ang Diyos ang siyang magtataas sa inyo."

Ito ay aking napatunayan muli nitong dumating ang ating mahal na Pangulong Noynoy Aquino nitong September 25. Dahil sa dinami-dami nang mga samahan or organizations dito sa Japan ay nahilingan ang aming ambang grupo, ang CASTLE na ngayon ay ang CASTLE YOUTH upang sumayaw at kumanta. Na ang napiling awitin ay ang SANA na theme song nang grupo. Laking gulat namin pareho nang nag request sa ating embahada. At nahilingan pa ang inyong abang lingkod na magbigay nang konting mensahe tungkol sa aking pagtulong sa mga kabataan or ang JFCs (Japanese- Filipino Children and the Full blooded Pinoy Youths). Ito ay hindi coincidence. Ito ay plano nang ating Lumikha or ang tinata-wag na Divine's plan.

Ngayon po ay napili ang buhay at pag-ibig nang inyong abang lingkod at ang aking asawang Hapon na si Hideo Sasaki na ipapalabas sa MMK (MAALAALA MO KAYA) sa kanilang 20 Anibersaryo.

Sa dinami-dami nang mga istoriya ay ang aming istorya pa ang napili. Sana po napanood ninyo itong MAALAALA MO KAYA noong October 29.
Sana naibigan ninyo at napulutan nang aral at maging inspiration sa ating mga Pilipinang nag asawa nang Hapon. Ganoon din sa mga Hapon.

Kung ang mga bagay na atin nakikita at nahahawakan ay may katapusan . Maging ito ay YAMAN, ASAWA, MAGULANG, ANAK , KAPATID O KAIBIGAN. Nguni't ANG HINDI NATIN NAKIKITA O NAHAHAWAKAN NGUNI'T ATING NARARAMDAMAN ITO ANG WALANG HANGGAN.

Ang aga nang aking Pamasko. Kaya wala po akong masasabi kundi MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA ATING LUMIKHA!!!

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