Thursday, January 12, 2012



2012…. bagong taon, bagong pag-asa sa bagong kabanata ng ating buhay. Ito ang maganda sa bagong taon, puwede kang magsimula muli. Puwede mong bigyan ang iyong sarili ng bagong pagkakataon.

Natatandaan ko ang payo ng isa sa aking mentor tungkol sa apat na hakbang kung paano ang tamang pagsisimula muli.

Una, kailangan magbalik-tanaw sa nakaraang taon at gumawa ng listahan ng mga dapat gawin sa bagong taon bunga ng pangyayari sa nakaraan. Kung maaari, ilista natin ang mga pangyayari (events) na nagbigay ng tagumpay at kabiguan sa atin. Ganoon din, ilista rin natin ang mga taong naging malaking tulong at pagpapala sa atin at maging yung mga nagbigay ng sakit ng kalooban. Mas detalyado, mas mainam. Pagkatapos, isulat natin sa tabi ang natutuhan natin sa bawat significant event at significant people sa ating buhay. Because God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called to His purpose, it means every event and every person that came into our lives are God’s instruments to accomplish God’s best plan for us. Ang sabi nga, every person is intended to be either a blessing or a lesson for us or both. Under the loving control of our Creator, He makes all things beautiful. Every victory gives us a glimpse of the extent of how far have we developed and progressed. Every defeat reveals area where we need to improve. Every person who has been a blessing gives us the assurance that we are never alone. And every person who causes us some pain can make us realize our need… deepest need that we must ask our Creator to meet.

No one can see that list anyway, so you can be very honest or I should say, brutally honest. No need to hide. Describing your real feelings in written form would somehow provide great relief.

Ikalawa, ilista ang mga action items o mga dapat gawin to sustain your victory, to overcome your defeat, to preserve your relationship with people who have blessed you and to extend forgiveness to those who have hurt you. People called this list New Year’s resolution. By having this list, we are guided on how we can have a better year than last year. However, accomplishing them will require, more than anything else, humility. To eat humble pie is a prerequisite to unlocking more victories, more blessings and more opportunities. To refuse to eat our pride will hinder us from experien-cing the greater things that God has prepared for us this year. God’s creation is limitless and so His plan for us. Only us set the limit.

Ikatlo, make every effort to stay positive even during the most challenging times of your life. Always remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The sun always rises in the morning no matter what. Every problem has a solution in the hands of our God. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from people who are angry, bitter and miserable. Keep doing the right things. Don’t be affected by negative emotions and negative words that you hear. When confused, just pray. Don’t be afraid to cry, if you need to. Crying is a form of earnest and intense prayer. After all, we are instructed to pray at all times.

Ikaapat, set your goals for the year – a savings of 3-months of your salary; a business of your own; own condo; build your dream house; buy your dream car; finish your course. Whatever it is, the important thing is you decide which project you will complete this year.

In 1957, there was a study conducted where graduates of Harvard University were asked of their dreams. Only 3% of the graduates actually wrote down their dreams. After 20 years, when an assessment was made, the study revealed that those who actually wrote their dreams became more successful compared to those who did not write their dreams.

I like New Year. It gives me an opportunity to restart or refresh my life and realign my goals with God’s plan for my life. It also gives me a very good excuse to ask forgiveness to those whom I have hurt in the past and at the same time, release forgiveness to those who hurt me. It gives me a new motivation to realize my goals.

Happy New Year, indeed, to all.

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