Friday, July 13, 2012

Marty Manalastas-Timbol

by Marty Manalastas-Timbol

ALAM NYO BA…na tatlong issues ng Jeepney Press na di ako nakasulat? Buti na lang at may ghost writer ako. Hulaan kung sino ang ghost writer ko? Mara-ming salamat my ghost writer, sa uulitin po.

ALAM NYO BAthe Philippines celebrated 114 years of independence? The theme for this year’s celebration is “Kalayaan: Pananagutan sa Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan.”
Also, I would like to share with all the OFWs in Japan, the message of Hon. Gregory L. Domingo, Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry.


My warmest greetings to all our fellow Filipinos!

Today, we commemorate the 114th Anniversary of our Independence. This significant event in our nation’s rich history is made even more momentous as we pay tribute to all our overseas Filipinos who have contributed and continue to contribute to the government’s efforts at nation building.

Your country takes pride in having citizens like you who share the talents, skills, and competence in the global workplace as you strive to make your own country progressive and your own families live comfortably. The dedication, honesty, and integrity that you put in your work, wherever destiny has brought you, reflect the true values that we Filipinos embody and are proud of.

You are our country’s modern day heroes not only because of the remittance that you send but also, and more importantly, because of the many investors that are encouraged to set up businesses in our country due to, directly or indirectly, the good news that you impart to them and the exemplary performance that you show in your jobs.

You have always shown to the world that Filipinos excel wherever they are, be it in their own country or in an adoptive one. You have also exemplifies your love for your own country by sharing the aspirations of all Filipinos in continuing the fight against poverty, ensuring that no one is left behind in the road to prosperity.

The freedom that we possess is made even more meaningful by the unwavering support of our foreign partners who continue to invest in our country and the prospective investors who plan to set up their businesses in the Philippines due to its strong fundamentals as well as its high-caliber professionals, like you.

Let us continue working together to keep on making our beloved Philippines a choice investment destination so that we can create more jobs for our countrymen, thereby uplifting their standard of living. As you join your fellow Filipinos back home in celebra-ting our freedom, may you keep the fire in your hearts burning to make our nation triumphant against the war on poverty so that we can ultimately improve the well-being of every Filipino.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

ALAM NYO BA…or kakilala nyo ba si Mr. John Lesaca? For others like me, who really do not know much about Mr. John Lesaca, he is the renowned Filipino violinist. His great grand uncle, Mr. Julian Felipe ay ang composer ng Philippine National Anthem natin. Ang galing-galing po niya and I was really impressed when he performed at the celebration of Independence Day held at the Imperial Hotel last June 11, 2012. Not only was I impressed sa galing niya, he and his wife are super humble and down to earth.  Hope I get the chance to watch him again.

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