Friday, July 13, 2012

Neriza Sarmiento Saito

Neriza Sarmiento Saito’s
Glimpses and Glances at Music and Dances of the Philippines

Literally speaking, they took Osaka by storm as typhoon number 4 ravaged through Kansai on June 19. Indak Turismo, the official dance troupe of the Department of  Tourism which is managed by its attached agency, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority wowed the audience in their two performances in Takatsuki City (which is Manila's sister city) sponsored by the Soroptimist International (Takatsuki Chapter) on June 18 and a performance at the Osaka Hilton Hotel on June 19.
We were telling the group jokingly that they seem to have brought in the tropical depression the moment they arrived because of the heavy rains that day! Weather news were all about the typhoons headed for Japan.
The first performance in Manila's sister city was organized by the Soroptimist Takatsuki Osaka chapter on June 18. Mayor Takeshi Hamada who also visited Manila in February led the guests including 7 members of Soroptimist's Navotas chapter. Ms. Junko Habe, who organized the performance, has been to the Philippines several times. She wanted to share the unique culture and tradition of the Filipinos to the people of Takatsuki.
Acting upon her urgent request, DOT Osaka was able to arrange for Indak Turismo's performances in Japan. Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr., whose "It's more Fun in the Philippines" buzzword  is quickly tickling the curio-sity of foreign tourists, believes that the Philippines has the best array of cultural presentations at various destinations. Another unique attraction of Indak Turismo is that the perfor-mers are all employees of DOT's Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority. They were trained by Mr. Ernesto S. Carriaga, a former Bayanihan Dance Troupe member. The group is ma-naged by Ms. Eva Zulueta who also danced many solo numbers like Paso Doble and Pasikat na Baso. The other members in the Maria Clara suite and Pista were Clarissa Victoria, Cindy Sanchez, Mary Ann Mata, Mona Lisa Arriba, Cesar Navidad, Ferdinand Gelacio, Angelito Magdasoc, Anthony Galang and John Adnet Castro. Some of the dances depict typical rural scenes like fishing as on the dance Pasigin in the Visayas. There were also dances that celebrated bountiful harvest and the beauty of nature.

But no fiesta is complete without the enticing sound of the rondalla composed of Ferdinand Cabutotan, Rodelio Pusong, Rojs Reyes and Felix Espadilla who provided live accompaniment throughout the performance.
The mood was warm and pleasant, and the storm seemed to have taken a different course, as if appeased with the dance offerings.
Ms. Araceli Soriano welcomed the selected audience composed of media representatives, airline operators, travel agents and Consular officials. Newly appointed Consul-General Ma. Theresa Taguiang was the guest of honor together with Consul Jerome Castro, Vice-Consuls Dax Imperial and Mike Garcia.
It was another emceeing experience that was rejuvenating because it was fun. DOT Osaka staff headed by Ms Arci, Lorly, Kyoko, Mr. Ogami and Cora made every effort to make this possible!!!


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