Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa


March-April 2014

First Cut 
This is my first article for the year, so please let me greet you all "Happy New Year!"

Second Cut 
It is a few days away from Valentine's Day, but by the time this gets printed, it will also be a delayed "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting. (wink !  wink! )  So, with that - I will write about LOVE.

Third Cut-
Last week, my dear friend lost her husband. They were one of the closest, sweetest couples I have ever known.  They both enjoyed being together, flying kites, going to the beach, and most of all they just loved each other so much. She told me that he cradled her heart and opened her eyes to see everything that is beautiful around her, and that included herself. They shared heartfelt kisses, and held hands during those many years that they were together. He showered her with complete unconditional love and adored her so much, and that feeling was reciprocated back, and am sure he knew that.  

Fourth Cut
Through Facebook, I was able to witness their love for one another when he got sick and was confined in the hospital.  They would write each other through FB, and it was like following a popular love story drama, but this one was for real.  He was so kind.  She is such a happy, funny person - and now I understand the real reason for her being such a loving person - she was surrounded by real love that even after his death, she still feels him everywhere, and I believe that he is there in the air, the sun, the wind, and in nature that he so much loved.

Fifth Cut
With that story about my dear friends, I write again, "Life is very short." We do not know what lies ahead.  Express your love, your feelings to those you hold dear to your heart.  Show them, tell them while they are still around.

Sixth Cut
Let me take this chance to say - to all "my family" and dear friends -  I love you all.  Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way.    

Seventh Cut
Now, it's your turn dear readers... hug those you love. Live and love. Have a beautiful life and may God bless your hearts, minds and souls.

God Bless – Mama Mary loves us !

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