Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico

Current Events

March-April 2014

There is so much going on these days 
In Asia, Europe, Russia and United States 
Always so keen on knowing what's happening around me 
With a lot to watch and read, no time for my diary. 

Let me start in Japan where I work and live 
Abenomics they say will have something to give 
In April this year whether you like it or not 
The rise of the consumption tax is anything but. 

In Russia will commence the next winter olympics 
Amidst some controversies on gay rights and terrorists 
What a day for many olympians from all over 
But the Obamas are not coming, what do I care. 

Baby, baby, Justin Beiber got arrested 
For DUI and other offenses he got busted 
Too much, too young and a fame in hand 
At 19 must be fun to hop in his hand. 

Pope Francis is Time Magazine Man of the Year 
While Edward Snowden got nominated somewhere 
CNN says it is for the Nobel Peace Prize 
If it is so, the CIA and FBI will not find it nice. 

Poor Vhong Navarro's shattered face is all over the news 
Napoles and Yolanda got silenced without interviews 
The pork barrel scam, tax evasion and rice smuggling are competing 
While Santiago and Enrile can never be on equal footing. 

Got to close now my IPhone5 
My best commuting buddy that keeps me alive 
‘Coz it's time to get off from the train 
To meet my friend inspite of the rain. 

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