Saturday, May 17, 2014

Farah Trofeo - Ishizawa


May - June 2014

First Cut –

Time flies as the cliche goes... and boy does it really fly.

Second Cut –

The cherry blossoms have bloomed in Tokyo, and the trees are going back to being just green. We will have to wait for next Spring time to see these pretty flowers again. And actually, that is what makes the cherry blossoms in Spring so much beautiful - the waiting for a year adds the spice to it. And the "short viewing time of these flowers" makes it doubly appreciated.

Third Cut-

Life goes on, and tomorrow is going to be Holy Thursday, then Good Friday. Before we know it, Easter Sunday! The days come so fast. And all of us continue our journey called "LIFE."

Fourth Cut-

How are you? Are you happy with the life you have? Do you miss going back home to the Philippines? Do you miss your loved ones back home? Or are you contented with your life here in Japan? Can you say that you are truly happy with everything going on in your life now? How is your family life? Your work? Your faith? Your relationship with your friends?

Fifth Cut-

Being contented with what you are, and what you have is very subjective. It really depends on you, your background, your philosophy in life and most of all your level of satisfaction, gratification, and contentment. One can be happy even if he/she does not have much money and material possessions. While one may define his/or her happiness with the number of cars, branded bags, clothes, or shoes he or she may have, it really depends on you and your priorities in life.

Sixth Cut-

We all have our choices in life - and that goes the same way with how we choose to define the meaning of our life and our happiness. I pray that all of us reflect on what really is important in our existence. Know what you want and know what makes you contented.

Seventh Cut-

It is only you. Do not compare your lifestyle with other people around you. Do not compete. We all are different. And it is our uniqueness that makes us stand out. Live and love.

Have a beautiful life and may God bless your hearts, minds and souls. God Bless – Mama Mary loves us!

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