Saturday, May 17, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico


May-June 2014

One day a woman was walking by the seashore 
With a world map rolled in her arms like never before 
Always praying for world peace, she does it all the time 
So occupied she thought she was just doing fine. 
Every now and then she keeps herself abreast and keen 
Of world events as shown on CNN Jet crashes, terror threats to name a few 
Strange weather patterns and territorial disputes they're nothing new. 
So on that day while walking by the seashore 
She happened to kick an old empty bottle Pop! 
A genie came out and smiling 
Confused and surprised, she thought it was just too amazing. 
"It's your lucky day!" The genie said. 
"Tell me your wish and it will be granted." 
She said, "Here is a world map I've been bringing. 
Coz I've been praying for world peace and that's what I've been doing." 
Pointing to Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Egypt 
"Peace should be achieved first in these countries," she said. 
"If this will happen, I am very certain. 
World peace will follow and all wonderful things everyone has been waiting." 
So the genie took the world map from her in deep thoughts 
Watching him closely, she felt some jolts 
Coz the genie told her, "Sorry, Lady. 
This is such an ancient problem. 
All attempts to solve this always remain in vain." 
So she took back the map and the genie said again 
"Give me another wish and I'll make sure it will really happen." 
"I've been looking for "Mr. Right" all these years," she said. 
The genie replied, "Tell me what is he like so you'll sleep well tonight." 
"Gee, he must be rich, handsome, intelligent, well-mannered and industrious, 
Well educated, good at housework, religious and generous." 
The genie was shaking his head looking very serious 
And said, "Lady, give me back the map before I get furious." 

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