Thursday, May 10, 2012

DAISUKI by Dennis Sun

by Dennis Sun


It’s siesta time! My mother shouts each one of our names. We are all seven siblings! It’s time to give mother a massage. She’s on the bed waiting.

We used to hate this time. Not only was it so hot in the Philippines during siesta, but it was also boring giving someone a massage since all we cared for, as little kids, was to play our games.

My mother loves a foot and a head massage. I usually give my mother a great head massage so she will fall asleep soon thus making me escape the foot massage. I just had to be sure she is deep in her sleep so I can cut the 10 minutes to half time and join my siblings with their games. I just needed to hear that magic sound…the beautiful sound of her snore!

I was still a young boy. So, I wondered why my mother loves a massage. Can’t she just play games like her children? I bet that was more fun than lying down on the bed getting a massage. That seemed pretty boring for me then.

Now several years later, I found myself wearing the shoes of my mother. I don’t only love massages. I am addicted to them! Every week, I am looking forward to getting one. Although I get free access of massage chair use and water massages everyday at the gym or at some spas, the human touch is totally different!

If you have extra money, do invest in getting a massage. A massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being. It calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation. It reduces tension and anxiety. It improves blood circulation, helps in pain management, and prevents getting other diseases. A simple massage can do many more good things.

A friend of mine was so stressed and exhausted from work that she opted to buy the latest massage chair. She said all she was looking forward after a day’s work now is to go back home and sit on her throne, the expensive massage chair! She turns on her CD and plays a nice relaxation music and falls asleep on her chair that she doesn’t put out her futon from the closet anymore. I asked her about the price. She said it doesn’t bother her since she was able to get a 2 year installment loan for it.

In Japan, a regular 10 minute massage costs 1,000 yen. So an hour massage costs 6,000 yen. If you get an aroma massage or an oil massage, the price can add up. In the Philippines, you can find 200-250 peso massage for an hour. And maybe give an additional 50 pesos tip. That’s about 500 yen for an hour! I highly recommend everyone to get massages when you go back to the Philippines. You can do it everyday but try getting different kinds of massages. There are shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, oil, aroma, salt scrub and even our very own Hilot! I must confess I had never experienced getting a hilot massage. Thus, I am looking forward to getting one when I go back home especially from an authentic albularyo!
However, be extra careful as massage is not a good idea if you have fever, infections, inflammation, and other medical conditions. It’s better you ask the advice of the massage therapist whether it would be right for you or not.

The power of touch has miraculous effects for everyone: from the healthy to the weak, young to old, from the athlete to the terminally sick, from the exhausted home mother to the stressed executive. Try this wonderful and relaxing drug-free therapy. It’s a non-bitter but enjoyable treatment! Just ask your body if you need a massage. You will know. If your body doesn’t need a massage and you get one, you will just feel itchy and you just want to end it as soon as possible.

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