Thursday, May 10, 2012

SHORT-CUTS by Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa

by Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa

First Cut
The deadline for this article was a few days ago, but I requested Jeepney Press for an extension because I wanted to take some photographs of the Hanami last April 8th.

Second Cut
For all of us who are in Japan, we all know what “Hanami” is all about, diba?
Pero, sa mga baguhan at sa mga nasa Pilipinas, please allow me to write about it.

Third Cut
Hanami comes from two words – Hana which means flower, and Mi, which is derived from the verb “Miru” which means to watch. Put them together, that would give you an idea of what it represents.

The beauty of the Cherry Blossoms, or "Sakura,” is appreciated by most Japanese.
For many, it reminds them of a new start - that comes with Spring. April in Japan is the "beginning of a new year." It is "the start" of a new year for students, and for fresh graduates who will enter their new companies, a new life. So, the blooming of the cherry blossoms can mean a lot to more people who are in this phase of their lives.

Fourth Cut
The beauty of these flowers is also so much appreciated because - we wait for them to bloom for a year, and they only stay for a week or two.

Personally, when I am in Japan, I enjoy my birthday because the sakuras are usually in full bloom. :D

Fifth Cut
During this time, many people flock to the parks as early as possible to reserve their places under these trees. They pack their food, or buy them from the nearby department stores or shops. Whatever it is, they come prepared with their food, drinks, and “blue sheets” or picnic mats. :D

Sixth Cut
Many people get drunk and do “foolish acts” to attract attention. Recently, some parks do not allow “alcoholic drinks.”. Therefore, before going to the park, be sure to check which park will allow you to drink. (Wink, wink !! )

In the park where we were at, there were some foolish guys trying to make their party very lively. Even in the absence of beer and wine, I saw one guy who wore a wig, and a black swimsuit, and he started to dance in front of his friends. For me, it was not funny at all, but for him at least, he got the attention he wanted. Chaaa-la ! C’est la vie !

Seventh Cut
It is this time that families, friends get together. They have a good time at the same time, they appreciate the flowers. In the end, what matters most is that you have a good time with the company you are with.

Here’s to a celebration of new life, and even new friendships. “Kampai!”

So next year, if you missed the Hanami, try to go to one.

God Bless –Mama Mary loves us !

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