Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anita Sasaki

by Anita Sasaki

Tahanan Ni Nanay
Ikinagagalak ko pong sabihin na meron na tayong Tahanan Ni Nanay (TNN)! We have transferred to the newly opened TNN last July 29.

Hindi po napakadali ang kwento ng tahanan. There were so many trials we have gone through but because God is with us, everything went out smoothly. When we saw this place last March of this year, they tried to save the place for us even after 4 months had passed. They waited until we had the money for deposit and advance. We got our Japanese friend to sponsor us but the owner of the building wanted the guarantor’s company. It means there would be an additional payment for the company. Then, they wanted us to give a copy of our bank account with at least 600,000 yen. Ami Banzon and Direk George said we don’t even have 10,000 yen. We thought that was the end of it. But God is good! We really have a good provider because there is no problem bigger than GOD! Suddenly, we got an answer to our problem. I told myself, “If God is with you, who will be against you?”

The place is very
accessible to visit as it is only 1 minute away on foot from the station, HIRAI station. The place and the location are perfect! Everything just came in the right places.

So, we are inviting the youth to come by and visit the Tahanan ni Nanay. Whether you are a full blooded Pinoy, Japanese or half, you are welcome to join us. We are open to help you in anyway we can. We would like to teach our youth the good side of life. We teach them different skills, motivate them to follow their dreams, and teach them the good Filipino values.

Dalhin po ninyo ang mga anak ninyo rito para mag-enjoy sila sa kanilang buhay sa Japan. Aantabayanan ni Nanay ang mga anak ninyo para magkaroon sila ng magandang kinabukasan.

Tuloy po kayong lahat sa Tahanan ni Nanay!

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