Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa


Here I am again, rushing to beat the deadline given by our ever patient Editor, Mr. Dennis Sun.  I am late but I have a very valid reason -- that is because I went home to the Philippines.
Sometime last week of March, I was surfing the net, planning to celebrate my birthday in Okinawa.  I was ready to book ourselves, my husband and I, at the Manza Beach Resort Luxury Hotel.  We were going to spend two days and a night at the beach.  Everything was a click away before confirmation.

So, I asked my husband, are you okay with my plans?  He looked at me, "since you are celebra-ting your Golden year, let us go home to your family."

At that moment, it struck me, he is very right.  My Y told me, that I spent more years in the Philippines with my family than my years with him, so we should go back.

How could I have missed that point in the first place?

I did not click on that confirmation for that luxurious hotel.  Instead, I went online and booked ourselves on a flight to Manila.  Tickets were very expensive to the Philippines.  Therefore, I opted for the one that stops over in Seoul, then proceeds to Manila. 

The next thing I did, was go on Skype, talked with my mom and my sister Patty.  We had less than a week to prepare for my party.  But thank God for the internet, Facebook and Skype, we were able to invite my family and friends.  

The Tourism slogan, "more fun in the Philippines" does apply too when it comes to celebrations and family affairs.

Lastly, please give me the chance to thank my papa and mama, for giving me my life, a very protected and well rounded environment which made me what I am today.  My being, my personhood, I am what I am because of my parents - they have given me the education, the home, the chance to travel and see the world - all these experiences that have molded my character.
I am truly grateful for having my family behind me all the way.

With all humility, I can say - I am blessed with my parents, brothers, sister, husband, cousins and friends. :)

Material possessions may come and go, but family and true friends who love you will always be there for you.

God bless you all, and may you be blessed too. 
Remember to count your blessings each day.  
God loves us and Mama Mary loves us !

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