Thursday, July 9, 2009

KANSAI CRUSADE by by  Sally Cristobal-Takashima  

Hong Kong Report

It takes only 2 hours to fly to Hong Kong from Manila but our Cebu Pacific Air flight arrived in Hong Kong about 20 minutes early. It was not quite 7pm and there was still daylight. We thought there may be some delay regarding Swine Flu Checks. Actually there was none, not even a Fever Scanner. At the Immigration Counter, my Philippine passport was stamped with "Fourteen days visa granted." Very very few people were wearing masks. After we left the airport we bought our Airport Express Train ticket from a vending machine for about 1,200 yen or HKG$90.00. Novice travelers to Hongkong may prefer a hotel Airport Shuttle Pick Up Service for about HKG$140.00.

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