Friday, January 24, 2014

Farah Trofeo-Ishizawa


July-August 2013

It is June 12th, Philippine Independence Day, and I sit here wondering what to write for all the readers of JP.

Pardon me, may I start by asking you a few questions why are you in Japan? Do you like living here in Japan? Or would you rather go back to the Philippines?

Many Filipinos back home have the impression that all of us here in Japan are living the "good life".  They have the notion that all of us here are "happy and fulfilled".  But are we really happy here?

You and I have our own reasons why we are here.  Each one has a dream, and a story a life that goes with it.

Surviving here in Japan has a lot of hurdles the language and culture gap, the social and religious differences not to mention the financial obligations that come with living here such as insurance, taxes, etc.  Of course, like living in any other country, all of us have obligations to settle.

Regardless of the everyday expenses for food, transportation, and the basic needs to exist How will you settle all these other bills that come regularly?  Sometimes, it can get to be "tiring" and sometimes, it may make you want to "pack your bags, and just go home to the Philippines, yeah?"

Life can get "difficult" at times, when we try to make both ends meet.

It is not that easy to "live a comfortable life" here in Japan. But, it IS possible to live a happy and comfy life :) .

You can do it and the rate of success will depend on you and the means to get your goal.

Should you decide to stay and reach for your dream remember that it is honest work, patience and determination that will get you there.

Trials will come to everyone, but the good thing with us Filipinos, is that we have our faith, our religion.  We are strengthened by prayer and our ability to adjust and cope comes from our inner most thoughts and faith in Him.

No matter what may come your way, remember that He is there for you.

Hold on, don't give up until you achieve what you are aiming for right now.

Filipinos stay strong, keep the faith.
God bless you.   Remember to count your blessings each day.
God loves us and Mama Mary loves us!

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