Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marcial Caniones

Gospel According to Titekeki

September-October 2013

“Titekeki” is half Hapon, half Pinoy – together, genetically she is a HaPi Asian race.

“Teki” as fondly called by everyone, frequently travels to Japan and the Philippines delivering childish like talks at nurseries, hospitals, children’s homes, orphanages, nursing homes and even at churches after she recovered from an accident in July of 2001.

She is seven (7) years old with a radiant smile and looks at everyone with pure joyful penetrating stares and innocent warm curious touches as if trying to discover everyone’s inner self.

In an unfortunate incident one summer at her grandmother’s town in one of the remotest town in Leyte, she fell and landed head first from a carabao ride. She was in comatose for eight straight months.

Miraculously, she woke up smiling while her eyes are still dizzily half open from long sleep, immediately seeing a nurse who came to attend her, Teki gestured to the nurse with her weak pointing finger to come near her and gently held the nurse’s hand, trying to raise her head near the nurse’s ear, the nurse responded slowly and stoop near Teki’s face while Teki softly murmured cracking but very clear comforting words as if messages from her dreams.

The following are some of the messages Teki claims are from an old mysterious motherly woman she met and traveled with during her spiritual flight while she was in comatose:

“I see no race but flesh of common source, you shall not be divided by geography, time and person, coming from me, each one will return back to me, be they good or not, I choose no one from merit or default for you are all part of my very being”
Tikiam 1:1

“You do not speak, but I do. Your tongues speak not words but celestial messages, even in your daily chores. Curses come from your dark side. Praises come from your bright side. Silence comes from eternity, from the infinite, from the encompassing…”  
Tikiam 1:2

“Christ is not Buddah, nor Allah is Jehova, nor Yaweh is Brahma…I ask, who are You? When you came, you do not even have a name; with your name you have ceased from being Me…what then should I call you?”
Tikiam 1:3

“Work, if you work, not for money, but for sustenance. Strive, if you strive, not for glory, but for contentment. Save, if you save, not to accumulate, but to share. Give, if you give, not as obligation, but as LOVE…”
Tikiam 1:4

“You do not leave afar from anyone; you are in a single bubble breathing the same air, drinking the same water, growing in the same dirt. Your distance should not be measured by farthest but by the constant common point your CENTER…”
Tikiam 1:5

* This is fiction to those who have less in faith.

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