Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico


November-December 2013

There's a crispness in the air that greets me in the morning
That cool and familiar feeling telling me the weather is changing
Goodbye summer, you made me perspire all over
Together with cough and colds it took sometime to recover.
I long for the sight of falling leaves when the wind blows
Colors of red and gold or anything that goes
They stay for a while in the parks or any ground
Gracing the paths of anyone who loves to roam around.
Everyone from families, friends and lovers alike
They love to stroll or get on with their bike
On a natural carpet in a variety of colors unfold
Not green but orange, red and gold.
It's already October the last quarter of the year
Winter is near, harvest days are almost over
Surprisingly, I got a message from a dear friend
She is sending me a bag of newly harvested Japanese rice by "takkyubin."
So there is so much reason to like about autumn
The weather so comfortable and some tasty fruits are in season
Hopefully, a company trip is planned along the way
So I can view again those colorful autumn hills postcard perfect I must say.

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