Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sally Cristobal -Takashima


January-February 2014

The other day, I was on my way home from work when I saw a new and attractive kanban of Yoshinoya saying “Sukiyaki 580 yen.” My feet just headed to the store and caught me by surprise.  I almost never go to Yoshinoya. In no time, I ordered a steaming Japanese Sukiyaki in less than 10 minutes. I sat, ate, paid and then went home. No need to wash dishes as I have chosen not to eat at home. Life can be so easy. Pero hindi kagaya ng home made Sukiyaki na pwede ka pang mag okawari pero hindi bale na dahil paminsan-minsan lang naman.
Kaya lang sa pagka busog at feeling warmed up, wala na pala akong pambayad sa bus pauwi kaya natawa na lang ako sa sarili ko. “Bukas pa kaya ang bangko?” tanong ko sa sarili ko. After checking my purse ay nalaman ko nagpalit pala ako ng bag so wala din bank card. So, the only option was to call my “sa hirap at ginhawa” na better half to come and pick me up.
You got to keep warm when the cold weather whisper into your ears.  The last thing that I need is the flu accompanied by sore throat, headache and the like.  On the other hand, my kitchen remedies are ready: there is enough garlic, ginger, cayenne, lemon and many more in my fridge. I just bought rolled black seaweed (kombu) the other day, the type served when you order Nishin Soba only where the fish wrapped in the kombu is bigger.
With the kombu purchase, I’m almost ready to face the challenge of Winter.  Sunshine is best in preventing the flu and all doctors will attest to it. For my New Year’s Resolution: Do not believe everything the doctor tells you. Read more on natural remedies instead of spending a fortune to enrich Big Pharma. Talagang maghihirap ka pag puro gamot na lang ang pinaglalaanan ng iyong pinaghirapang salapi.
Alam niyo ba na ang sistemang pang pinansyal sa mundo ay itinuturo na mag enjoy ka sa buhay hanggang maubos na ang limit ng credit cards niyo?  Para malubog ka sa utang at para kumita ang mga credit companies from interest charges. Lalo na ngayong holiday season, yung mga light ups here and there takes your mind away from controlling your expenses.
Kung pwede lang ikandado ang wallet or bulsa. At ngayon holiday season, kahit sa anong bansa todo ang shopping.  Na misinterpret yata ng mga tao ang kasabihan "God loves a cheerful giver." Kaya ayan naging “king for a day and a pauper for a year.”
It will be early January by the time you read this. Most likely,  nakauwi na kayo sa Japan or still enjoying the sunshine in Boracay. I don't know but I feel a bit tired after the holidays and need a rest before the first day back to work.

And now bringing you some news and thoughts from Kansai:  Community leaders of various Philippine organizations trouped to Tokyo to attend the "President Benigno S. Aquino Meets the Philippine Community" on Dec. 12th. This was a side event because President Aquino was in Tokyo to attend the Japan-ASEAN Commemorative Summit. He also attended Sophia Ceremony where he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.
During the joint press statement with his Excellency Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, the two leaders discussed cooperation in disaster management and reconstruction in the wake of typhoon Yolanda, economic concerns, maritime cooperation, people to people exchanges and the Mindanao peace process. They also exchange views on prevailing regional issues of mutual concern.
In the morning of Dec. 12th, community leaders from various areas in Japan convened for a productive Disaster Preparedness Training which was sponsored by the Philippine Embassy, Tokyo and the Network of Filipino Social Development Workers in Japan (NetFil). Mga Komunidad na Nagkakaisa Communities Helping rank Ocampos, a licensed social worker. He may be invited to other parts of Japan to give a presentation. Please contact Consul General Marian Ignacio of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for details. The genuine efforts exerted by many communities to solicit donations in cash and in kind for those afflicted by typhoon Yolanda is truly commendable. Ipinadama nila ang kanilang pagmamalasakit sa kanilang kababayan at handa silang tumulong sa abot ng kanilang makakaya. There were also groups that held charity concerts, raffles and candle-lighting ceremony and group prayers as somehow this humble offerings eased the pain they felt for the typhoon victims.
We, Filipinos, in Kansai wish each of you the best that Year 2014 can bring. Let us all hope for a brighter, safer, prosperous New Year.  

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