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Sally Cristobal-Takashima


July-August 2013

Nowadays increasing number of people are downloading movies and music. It does not cost a fortune and they can enjoy the latest of their favorites in the comfort of their homes alone, with friends or their families. That's how far we have challenged the music and film industry and if they are not about to retaliate, that's something we can think about. No, I don't download music nor movies but I print out short articles I find interesting. For long articles, I record excerpts and have them filed for me to go back to. Election concession and victory speeches are written by special personages at a very special period of their lives. Their speeches must be well written and well thought of.

Although these speeches might have been written by a gifted ghostwriter, nevertheless for me, it is still "collectible". It also gives me something to go back to. Another person might find it amusing to collect all of Senator Miriam Santiago's quips but another person is content to collect a famous person's grammatical errors. One online article I have is entitled, sana kayong ma turn off... "Individual Refllected Vibrational Make Up". Mahaba po ang title but hindi naman po gaanong mahirap basahin. Unang hirit nitong anonymous writer ay: Who a person is, all of our actions and resulting experiences are reflected in our own body vibrations. Meron tiempo na sa una pa lang pagkita sa isang tao ay nakagaangan mo na agad ng loob at mayroon naman na pagkakataon ng baliktad ang impression mo. In other words, nakabigatan mo ng loob ngunit hindi mo mawari kung ano ang dahilan. It so happened that the person you found pleasant to meet emitted good vibrations. Gently tap a fine crystal glass and you hear a fine high vibration. Now, do the same thing with an ordinary glass and what you'll hear is a dull, boring, lifeless sound that you don't want to ever hear again. In life, we are surrounded by vibration. In fact everything is vibration, the food we eat, everything we drink. One can write so many pages on all that has been written about Vibration. The best Tagalog translations of Vibration would probably be ugong, tagintig and yanig. Ayon sa nakaulat sa artikulong ito, ang kalidad ng ating pagkatao, aksyon at pag-iisip ay may kinalaman sa ating Individual Vibrational Make up. Fine crystal ba or ordinary glass ba ang isang tao. Kagandahang loob, pagkahabag or pag-ibig sa kapwa, pagkakaisa, pagkakasundo ang mga nasabing dahilan upang ang isang tao ay magkaroon ng mataas, dakila at tinatawag na divine vibrations. We can most likely say that there are devoted priests and nuns in this category. Mayroong kakaibang yanig at ugong ang kanilang anyo, tindig at kahinahunan.

Ang kabuuan at mensahe ng artikulong ito ay ang pagbibigay kamalayan sa kahalagahan ng harmony sa buhay ng isang tao.

And now, I quote from the article (Ref: http://www.

The energy from God is perfect harmony. Your reflection of this vibration is often imperfect and need work. When you take a real interest in the vibratory activity of your being, your destiny load will gradually become lighter. Remember, no person, place, condition or thing is important enough to destroy the harmony, balance and equilibrium within you.

Here in Kansai, the Philippine Community celebrated the 115th Philippine Independence Day with a morning Flag Raising Ceremony, an exhibition of the life and times of Jose Rizal and a Buffet Lunch attended by members of the Osaka Consular Corp., distinguished representatives of the Osaka Prefectural Government, PCCC Advisers, Philipppine Community leaders and friends. The newly elected PCCC officers for the Year 2013-2015 had its Oathtaking Ceremony at the Hearton Hotel on June 16th. We congratulate all of the new officers and wish them well. Among the attendees were Beth Kan, Emi Arai, Carisa Patrimonio, Tess Dimalanta, Jorge Takara, Heidi Terada, Sally Yamamoto and Malou Sato.

To each and everyone, have a safe Summer Vacation.

Enjoy and It's More Fun In The Philippines.

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