Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marilyn Abellana Suico

On My Golden Year 

September-October 2013

Marilyn, Ate Lyn, Mama Lyn,
happy birthday!
This I've heard
from all of you today
What a joyous occasion for me
Coz' I'm feeling so special
the whole day.

Another year has been added
To the number
I have always dreaded
Color, size, appearance,
it's a roll call
They have changed
and I've got them all.

If silence has sound,
wisdom has color
This I always love to say
when somebody comments
on my hair color
A few years back
I would pluck them one by one
And if I continue,
it will be all gone.

I was brought into this world
by my father and mother
A product of love nurtured
by a very doting grandmother
But life was like being thrown
into a big ocean
And thankful always to God
I was and ever able to swim
like nobody can.

After five decades
I can now look back
What it was like doing this
and having that
Life's adversities and blessings
they come and go
But I, the golden girl,
will always and hopefully
stay aglow.

Tomorrow starts my new year
A new beginning that
I hope will be brighter
Though life's journey
could be easy or tight
What it will be,
I pray always to God
I will be alright.

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